PHP Debugger

PHP Debugger

Php project development tool

PHP Debugger is an excellent PHP project development tool that is dedicated to PHP code editing and debugging. It is a tool that helps project development successful.

It works transparently on its own and neither script nor PHP engine modifications are required. PHP Debugger runs in all platforms and works across the global network as well as locally.

What is nice about this tool is it can start debugging right away as soon as it detects an error. PHP Debugger also supports back-trace such as it displays a list of all procedures with their local variables and the current execution position reached from.

PHP Debugger has powerful features. The basic debugger functionality includes stepping, breakpoints, conditional breakpoints, watches, call-stack and error tracing.

The advanced debugger features include profiler, global breakpoints and change execution point. This tool is useful for projects development. It works with PHP Edit, PHP Coder and some other IDEs.

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